Organize a Fun Live Quiz for Your Next Virtual Event

Are you new to the world of live quizzes and virtual trivia? In this post, we're going to cover everything you need to know about taking your quizzes live, including the best free quiz maker to help you get the job done and more. We'll also cover even more helpful tips like how to engage your participants and boost the effectiveness of your quiz questions.

The benefits and uses of live quizzes

First, let's talk more about the benefits of live quizzes and why you might want to start using them during events, presentations, and other virtual gatherings.
They're fun
The most important thing to know about taking quizzes live is just how fun they can be, even when a presentation, event, or meeting isn't on a fun topic. You can use them to keep your audience, group, or participants entertained and create an experience they're not likely to forget. After all, wouldn't a live presentation that includes a fun game of trivia questions be a lot better than sitting and listening to someone talk for two hours straight?
Friendly competition
Part of what makes quizzes so fun is the sense of friendly competition they promote within a presentation. As each quiz taker or group competes against one another, it can also encourage ice breaking and communication among team members. It's up to you if you want to offer prizes or other incentives to players, but often, seeing their names on the leaderboard is enough to get audiences participating in your quiz.
Engaging your audience
It's every presenter's worst nightmare: looking at their audience and seeing that they are bored or uninterested in the session or information they're sharing. To help capture audience members's attention during meetings or any other gathering, a quiz is a real-time way to get the job done! When your audience is asked to participate during meetings, they are a lot more likely to remain engaged in your content. To take part in your quiz, they have to use different parts of their brain, rather than just listening to the content you present. You can also create a Q&A style quiz to connect with audience members on a more personal level.

Connecting with customers
A live quiz can also be used as a real-time help businesses connect more with their customers. Especially if you offer incentives (including discount codes) for their participation. For example, you could invite customers to take part in a quiz during a webinar or product launch (or even host a Q&A). The question types you could include might be about the industry your business is in, the products you offer, or even just general trivia questions.
Collecting important feedback
Sending out an email form asking employees, users, or any other people to offer their input isn't the most exciting way to collect these resources. Instead, what about trying a live quiz? You can create quiz questions that offer you valuable feedback and insight into your services, products, customer service, offerings, and more. When you offer the winners (or participants in general) incentives for taking part, you're a lot more likely to get the response level you are hoping for. After all, everyone loves getting the chance to win a prize or at least see their name on the leaderboard!

Use quizzes for distance learning
Ask any teacher, professor, or instructor about the challenges of teaching from afar and they will tell you how challenging it can be to keep their students engaged in their lessons. A live quiz is a useful tool for distance learning because not only can you use a live quiz to test subject knowledge, but you can also create different quiz types depending on whether you are simply trying to entertain students, polling them for their opinion on a matter, monitoring their progress, or determining what area of your course needs to be covered in greater detail.

How do I host a live quiz event?

Now that you know about the benefits of live quizzes, you are probably wondering how to create or host a live quiz for yourself.
The good news is, it's incredibly easy to do!
Here are some of the steps to follow to create a fun live quiz and positive experience and start collecting the results you need.
Choose your quiz maker
We're going to cover the best free quiz maker in a minute, but the first step of hosting a live quiz is determining which software or platform you will use to make your quiz. Then, create an account and start planning your quiz game.
Plan your quizzes
Next, it's time to create your quiz questions. To do this, you'll first want to be very clear about the goal of your quiz. Is it to engage with participants? To help participants engage with one another? Promote team bonding? An assessment of subject knowledge or understanding? These, or any other number of purposes can be achieved with a live quiz game. Once you know your goal, it will be easy to create quiz questions based on reaching that goal.

Once you have a list of questions to ask, it's time to make the answer options ahead of your presentation. Be sure to put the correct answers in different spots on each question. Some live quiz games include the choice of just two options, while others include several answers to choose from.

Answer these questions before your quiz event
Some of the other choices you can make include the use of images or videos as answer options rather than just text depending on the question types you use, as well as:
Will your quiz or quiz questions have a time limit?
What is the topic of your quiz?
What device can your participants use to take part?
Will scores be shown in real-time?
How will you use the information?
Is the quiz game embedded on your site with a code, in an email, etc?
Will correct answers and results be shown once an answer is selected?
How many players can take the quiz at once?
Are prizes awarded for top scores or participation in general?
What prizes will winners or participants receive?
Is the topic fun and engaging?
Which players will you invite?

How can I make an interactive quiz for free?

Whether you want to create fun polls, tests, a live quiz, or any other kind of engaging content for your audience, Swift Polling is the best option for doing it. With their free quiz maker, you can create and launch polls to share in meetings, presentations, classrooms, and more in just a few clicks. Swift Polling is known for being user-friendly (for the audience and the host) and creating a great experience for everyone involved. Their customer service is known for being friendly and fast, and they also offer free demos for all of their services.

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